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  • Drainage Advice from the PNW's most beloved expert, Ciscoe Morris

    Soil and drainage In the new book written by Master gardener Ciscoe Morris, he gives great tips and tidbits from getting rid of weeds in an enviro...
  • Free Small Containers + Soil Giveaway

    We have been so lucky to stay open during this difficult time. We've been scrambling to keep up with the new high demand. Just this week we’ve hire...
  • Ciscoe Morris benefits of Oly Fish Compost

    For top-dressing lawns Ciscoe Morris recommends putting about a 1/2” layer over the lawn and raking it across evenly. It’s adds microorganisms, which will help fight any disease that might occur on the lawn. It will also allow you to water less often.  It’s a really nice thing to do about once a year in early spring.Top-dressing for lawns Ciscoe Morris
  • Dirt Exchange Coronavirus Updates

    We are still open but making some small changes to ensure safety measures and social distancing for our customers and our employees while still providing you the quality gardening materials items you need. Because we feel in a time like this, gardening is VERY NEEDED.
  • 10 Year Anniversary celebration

    First yard A decade is a long time. We didn't always expect Dirt Exchange to last this long, the average small business in Seattle doesn't quite make two years. We are honored and humbled that the Ballard/Magnolia community has supported us all this time. We hope in the next ten years to continue growing. We believe in delivering remarkable product to our customers and from a convenient location with a price you can afford.

    Thank you for the ten wonderful years of warmth, friendship, and support. We absolutely couldn't have done it without you, our customers.

    Check out news article when we moved to our Ballard location. 

  • Russell Wilson Playing Pick Up Football at Dirt Exchange

    Russell Wilson came to Dirt Exchange in Ballard, Seattle to shoot a video for his newest cleats.
  • Dirt Exchange Customer Impacting Community

    This is such a fantastic story of how urban gardening has impacted our community. Make sure to check out Miller’s Abundant Greens Urban Farm in a B...
  • What Does Clean Dirt or Soil Mean?

    We abide by the Washington State Legislation rules and definition of Clean soil: WAC 173-350-100 Clean soil means soil does not contain cont...
  • Why Dirt Exchange is CLOSED on Sundays

    Why is the Dirt Exchange closed on Sundays? We are closed on Sundays because our owner finds it very important for his employees to have a day off...
  • What Is Crushed Stone?

    What Exactly Is "Crushed Stone?" Crushed stone is produced by passing stones through a crushing machine at a quarry. At the bottom of the crushin...
  • Rain Garden

    Wanting to build a rain garden? Our Bioretention Soil Mix is just what you need. It’s a blend of 60% well-graded sand and 40% excellent compost. I...
  • Rockery Rock Sizes

    A One-Man rock is typically about the size of a basketball up to the size of a medium beach ball. The term “One-Man” is often the source of confusi...