Pick Up

We have a variety of soil, rockery, and compost in bulk for you to pick up  

What to expect when you come to our yard to pick up new material:

Before you start your project, you need to first ensure you’re choosing the right material for your specific project. Certain products are better for certain applications. You can contact us to ask questions or check out our website for more information. 

In order to determine how much material you will need, you need to know the size of the area you need to be filled. This requires you to measure the width, length, and depth. Convert area to cubic yards. Check out our measurement page HERE.

We sell quantities smaller than 1 yard but you must do pick-up yourself.

Keep in mind that 'irregular' shaped objects pack differently, so a bucket of 1" rocks will be much different from a bucket of compost. Materials are much heavier during the rainy season when they are wet and lighter during the dry season. Park your car and pay inside.

*Dirt Exchange is not responsible for quantities ordered in error. Please verify your calculations. 



Machine loading

  • Once the material is chosen and paid for, we will direct you to the correct pickup zone appropriate for the material you purchased.
  • Our professional loader will verify with you the correct product and amount you are purchasing. Then they will load the material in your truck or trailer. Once they are finished, they will honk to let you know they are done.
Please make sure to secure or cover your load of the material before you leave. 



If you don't have an open-topped truck or vehicle, no problem! Many customers haul away material themselves in a variety of ways. 

Many customers bring in different buckets or garbage cans to use for loading, or lay a tarp down and load material into the back of their cars. 

Self-haul back of car pickupBuckets in back of car self-haul Pickup

What gear do I need?
Make sure to bring gloves, shoes that can get dirty and a shovel. Bring different sizes of containers to put your material in your car OR put down a tarp in the back of your car. It often takes about an average of 15-30 min. to load.  We have some shovels available in our yard if you need to use. 

 what to bring?

How do I know how much material I bought? 
Our loader will put the yardage of material aside in a pile for you to load into your vehicle. Then u-haul yourself.

Any questions about pickup click here.

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